After a month of still feet, we’re back with another dance! Join us this Friday for our Junebug Dance. Why Junebug? The answer is simple, really. Pretty basic. We couldn’t think of another excuse to dance. So to celebrate summer and the month of June and small insects that skitter […]

Spring. It’s coming…coming…here. We can go outside again. We can feel the tips of our fingers and our toes again. The sun has returned and the flowers should be blooming and soon the world will come alive. Basically, this means that we can leave the house without fear of frostbite […]

With the coming of March, our St. Patrick’s Day Dance is right around the corner! If you’re craving a bit of Irish spirit and a jig or two, be sure to come and join us for an evening of dancing and laughter. St. Patrick’s Day Dance: Friday, March 15 St. Mark Lutheran School Gym, […]

A fun fact presented to you by Old Dominion Dance: tomorrow is the Blue Dance! Leave your blues behind, but make sure to pack some extra laughter so you’ll be prepared for a night at St. Mark Lutheran, dancing the cold away. Here’s the dance card for the evening: Knole […]

It’s January. They say that we call our January dance the “Blue Dance” not because anybody feels sad, but because the color fits the mood of the month. You know, because it’s cold and snowy and… stuff. Blue stuff. Sure. The parties have passed, the containers of holiday leftovers have […]

We hope you can join us for our last event of the year before the grand Fezziwig Ball! We encourage you to dress up in something retro for the evening in honor of Veteran’s Day. Wondering what to wear? Check out this post. Childgrove The Ragg Christina Nonesuch Prince of […]