Here’s a question, did George Washington dance? According to General Nathanael Greene,

 “His Excellency (George Washington) and Mrs. Greene (wife of Nathanael Greene) danced upwards of three hours without once sitting down.” [1]

We’d say so.

What about during the time of the Revolutionary War?

“The anniversary of our alliance with France was celebrated in proper style a few days since near head-quarters, at Pluckemin…In the evening a very beautiful set of fire-works was exhibited, and the celebration was concluded by a splendid ball, opened by his Excellency General Washington, having for his partner the lady of General Knox” – Dr. James Thacher, Pluckemin, New Jersey, February 4, 1779 [2]

We certainly think that ‘celebrating in proper style’ ought to include dancing. Do you?
If so, come celebrate Independence Day with us on…

July 20th

Held at St. Mark Lutheran Gym, 1821 N 90th St, Omaha, NE 68114

6:30 – Doors Open

6:45 – Beginners class

7:00 – Dancing Begins

Drinks provided

$3 Per person 14 and under, $5 per person 15 and up, and $15 per family

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