July… Fiery declarations, firework demonstrations, flag decorations, and festive dance conglomeration-ing. It just fits, doesn’t it?

As the fourth-of July weekend begins here in a day or two, we hope you’re getting ready for all these things (especially the dancing).

We hope you’ll join us in a couple weeks for our 4th of July dance. Feel free to dress to the nines in stars, spangles, and stripes. The first guy to come as Uncle Sam, and the first gal to come as Rosie the Riveter get free admission!* **

Have a good fourth of July, folks!








*In order to qualify, an Uncle Sam costume must include: beard, navy suit coat, and top hat.
**In order to qualify a Rosie the Riveter costume must include a red bandanna, blue button-up shirt, and some womanly strength.

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