Friday, March 13th, St. Mark’s Lutheran School Gym
6:30pm: Beginner’s Class and welcome- Mr. G

7pm, dancing starts.
Mad Robin-Jubilee

Jenny Pluck Pears-Jubilee

The Spaniard-David

Hunt the Squirrel-David

Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot-David


Jack’s Health-Emily

Merry Milkmaids-Emily

Indian Queen-Brandon

Ashford Anniversary-Brandon

Mr. Isaac’s Maggot-Emily

Gay Gordon-Emily



March and St. Patrick’s Day

While OldDD is essentially a Christian non-profit organization, we have such a religiously diverse group of dancers that we generally avoid strong religious statements in our themes and events. With that in mind, we traditionally haven’t used St. Patrick’s Day as our March theme. So this is a test: The 2015 March dance will honor Patrick, the 5th-Century missionary to Ireland. We welcome your feedback- following the dance, feel free to send an email telling us your preference.

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