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We who organize OldDD love dancing. If you love dancing, we’re the event for you. And if you love your friends, share the love and invite them to the Feb. 13th Dance! I just bet St. Valentine loved to dance too, if he was really so much into weddings as we now believe.

The Dance Card:


  1. Knole Park(an easy longways dance)
  2. Gathering Peascods(a fairly brisk circle dance)
  3. The Spaniard(a brisk but simple dance)
  4. Waves of Tory(a very fast dance with unusual progression)
  5. Hole in the Wall(a very slow and beautiful dance)
  6. Female Saylor(a newer, more complicated dance)


  1. Indian Queen(a very simple dance with a moderate tempo)
  2. The Bishop(a new dance that is a 3 cpl longways)
  3. March of the Three Kings
  4. Lovely Nancy(a very slow and artistic dance)
  5. Gay Gordon

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