To be held at Lauritzen Gardens(100 Bancroft Street), Friday Dec. 19th.

Doors open and photos at 6:30

6:50 Beginner’s dance class

7pm Fezziwig introduces the first dance


  1. The Ragg, longways
  2. Juice of Barley, longways
  3. Newcastle Circle, a circle
  4. Jenny Pluck Pears, a 3 cpl circle

Scrooge Fred

8pm, First Intermission. Introduction of all the characters. Toast to our sixth anniversary and a drawing for prizes.

Skit: In Scrooge’s counting house, with dialogue between Scrooge and his nephew Fred, with Bob Crachit in the wings.

Polka: Jingle Bells, Waltz: The First Noel


  1. Row Well ye Mariners, longways
  2. Hunt the Squirrel, longways
  3. Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot, longways
  4. Ship’s Cook, 3 cpl longways
  5. Spanish Waltz, a circle


9pm, Second Intermission. Thank the Lauritzen and introduce our band, and a drawing for another prize

Skit: Scrooge and the ghost of Jacob Marley, in Scrooge’s bedchamber.

Polka: Here we come a-wassailing. Waltz: It came upon a midnight clear


  1. I Care not for these Ladies, a circle
  2. Female Saylor, longways
  3. Yellow Stockings, longways
  4. Draper’s Maggot, 3cpl long ways waltz
  5. Gay Gordon


Next dance is Fri. Jan 16th. End Waltz: Silent night. End 10pm

Tiny-tim-dickensGod Bless us, Every one!

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