My council and I(It’s a very small council) have recently been discussing the issue of pricing for our dances. We always appreciate your feedback, in so much as it’s practical(no, we will not be changing the dances to triple speed) and based on some of this recent feedback, we’re going to try changing our pricing system.

Our first two years of operation we did suggested donations only; that went well until we grew enough so that we actually needed everyone coming to pay something, so we moved to $5 per person or $20 per family.

Now we’re well into our fifth year of operation, with a new crowd, great steady rental facility, and solid foundation, and we’ve gotten feedback that people would like more variance in the pricing. We’re also having live music more often and need to accommodate that as well; our expenses to put on a dance more than double when we have a band.


So, without any further ado, the new prices for the rest of 2014.


Informal Public Dances(Sept. 19th, Oct. 10th):

$3 per person age 14 and under

$5 per person age 15 and up

OR $15 per family

Formal Dances with Live Music(Aug. 8th, Nov. 14th):

$5 per person

$20 per family

Fezziwig Ball on Dec. 19th:

$7 per person

$30 per family

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