You may have noticed that our monthly dance is a week earlier this month. That’s partially because it just worked with our rental schedule, and partially because I wanted to have the dance before most of our attendees went back to school. And to make it more special, we’re having live music, but the entry price is the same! You won’t find any other dance with live music so affordable. So, without further ado:

The Dance Card for Aug. 8th

  1. Jefferson and Liberty
  2. The Spaniard
  3. Mad Robin
  4. Shrewsbury Lasses(3 cpl set)
  5. Ship’s Cook
  6. Spanish Waltz(two cpl squares)


  1. Tythe Pig- NEW!
  2. Draper’s Maggot
  3. Trip to Paris
  4. Jack’s Health
  5. Mr. Isaac’s Maggot
  6. Gay Gordon


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