I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have three whole boxes full of lightly used costumes that I’d like to get rid of. What with several dress-up events a year, I’m just guessing that some of our dance regulars are the same. So, in conjunction with our monthly informal dance on Feb. 9th, we are also hosting a COSTUME EXCHANGE.

Here’s the deal:

On Feb. 9th you may bring to the dance any used costume or costume accessory, historical or otherwise, hand-made or store-bought. Be sure to label your item with your name to help avoid confusion.

Costumes can be:

  1. Sold for $10 or less
  2. Given away for free
  3. Exchanged for another item with the approval of both owners

So bring your unwanted costumes and costume wanting friends for a night of thrifty dancing fun! Any questions, email Emily: swing@dominiondance.com

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