The Fezziwig Ball has come and gone, and we’re looking forward to a new year of dancing. The January dance is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 12th, at St. Mark’s Lutheran School Gym(1821 North 90th Street). Doors open at 6:30 and dancing starts promptly at 7pm.


Dance card for Jan. 12th:

  1. Waves of Tory
  2. Comical Fellow
  3. Yellow Stockings
  4. Shrewsbury Lasses
  5. Physical Snob


  1. I Care not for these Ladies
  2. Wibsey Roundabout
  3. Lord Byron’s Maggot
  4. Jefferson and Liberty
  5. Braes of Dornoch
  6. Finale of the Gay Gordon

Check out the sidebar to your right to read instructions and watch videos of these dances! We also have a Facebook event, here.

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