Longways, 3 cpl set. Music is available on Bare Necessities’ album “At Home.”


These are the steps to the dance, Astonished Archaeologist:

Set; TRH halfway with partner

That again: set, TRH to end proper

2nd corners back to back

TTH partner to end in line: middle cpl facing out towards the ends, end cpls both facing in, to start a hey for six. Finish at opposite ends( 1st cpl in 3rd, 3rd in 1st, 2nd still in the middle)

Take hands in a line, fall back-fwd

Top two cpls circle L while bottom TTH


We also and more commonly use this tune for another 3 cpl dance, The Bishop. Here are the steps for the Bishop:

1st man cast, set to 3rd lady, TTH that person

1st lady cast, set to 3rd man, TTH that person

1st cpl gate up with 2nd

All circle L halfway

1st cpl gate up with 3rd cpl

Circle L halfway

1st cpl cast to bottom