3 cpl circle. Music available from Amazon from the band Waits of Southwark and Fain Music’s album Pride and Prejudice vol. 2.


Verse 1:

Circle Left, set & turn single. Circle Right, set & turn single



Women in: 1st man puts his women in center (right hand to right hand) 2nd man puts his women in center;3rd man puts his women in center. Honor all and hold (4)

Men skip: Men skip clockwise (12), do a button hook turn for 4, then skip counter clockwise for 12, do a button hook turn for 4 in front of partner, take right hand to right hand

Women out: Men lead their women out in same order as they put them in, Honor all and hold (4)


Verse 2:

Curvy Side R your partner, set & turn. Side L, set and TS



Men into the center with Left hand. Women skip: Women skip clockwise, turn, skip counter clockwise, turn to partner

Men out: Women lead their partners out in order; Honor all and hold (4 counts)


Verse 3:

Arming: Arm Right (w/ partner) set & turn. Arm Left, set & turn



Women in, Men Skip, Women out