Old Dominion Dance is the only English Country Dance group in Omaha, Nebraska. We strive to create an opportunity dance for those  who are”Immoderately fond of dancing.”

Old Dominion Dance began in December of 2009 with the purpose of providing family friendly social events for our community. Our dances are primarily historical English Country Dances, such as you would see in any “Pride and Prejudice” movie, with a little Irish and old American dances thrown in for good measure.

Our name, “Old Dominion Dance” is a reference to the roots of English Country Dance (ECD), that emerged in medieval England and advanced through the Renaissance. When Colonists started populating America, ECD came with them, and by the time of the Revolution dancing masters were common in America. ECD began to change to Waltzes, Quadrilles and Polkas in the early 19th century, so the dances we use at our events are nearly all from the 18th century or before.

The dances are organized and called by Emily and Company.

Monthly Events:

Our monthly events are held on Friday evenings at St. Mark Lutheran Gym located at 1821 North 90th Street, Omaha, Nebraska. Our events usually take the form of informal, just-for-fun dances, with a few formal events annually. (What is the difference between a formal and an informal dance?) Drinks are provided.

There is no alternate room for younger children, so all children must stay in the gym. We have observed children under the age of ten can have a hard time following the instruction: parents are welcome to bring their children so long as they are able to listen, observe, and participate.

Doors open at 6:30pm, dancing starts promptly at 7, and generally ends around 9. You can see the dates for future events here.

We’ve been blessed to have been renting St. Mark’s since August of 2012. Please help us to be good stewards of our rented facility by being orderly and responsible.


Cost to Attend:

Cost to attend an informal dance is $3 per person for ages 14 and under, $5 per person ages 15 and up, or $15 per family.

Cost to attend a Formal dance is $5 per person, or $20 per family, to be paid at the door by cash or check.

Old Dominion Dance is an independent organization, unaffiliated with any church or group. We are not a registered 501 c3, though we make no personal monetary profit from Old Dominion Dance.

Future Plans:

Our long-term goal is to provide affordable, social, family fun to our community. You can read a more detailed list of goals on the Deeper Reasons page.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at swing@dominiondance.com

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