We’ve chosen a relaxing Hawaiian theme for our August dance! Wear your best Hawaiian floral shirt and come sway with us on Friday the 16th. It may be hot outside, but indoors will be comfortable and balmy- just like Hawaii!

Our dance card for the evening:

Comical Fellow
Row Well, Ye Mariners
The Young Widow
Prince of Gloster’s Waltz
Jack’s Maggot


Auretti’s Dutch Skipper
Rakes of Rochester
Kelsterne Gardens
Trip to Paris
Gay Gordon

As always, check out our dance instructions index for written instructions, music sources, and videos of these dances.

We are all about traditional dancing here at OldDD, and since we have a Hawaiian theme this month, I looked up the history of Hawaiian folk dance, or Hula. Here’s my understanding after a few minutes of googling: Hula is an ancient dance form accompanied by chants which can be histories of islands, monarchs, and major events. Hula also seems to be heavily tied to Hawaiian pagan spiritualism. There are records of explorers watching Hula dances in the 18th century, but Hula is certainly older than that. We may not be into Hula here at OldDD, but we always love learning bits of dance history!

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