Not an Irishman. At least, not by birth, anyway. Kidnapped at age 16 by a group of Irish raiders, Patrick was enslaved until he was able to escape, 6 years later. Eventually, Patrick, went back to Hiberniae (What is now modern-day Ireland) to preach the gospel as a missionary.

Nowadays, folks celebrate St. Patty’s day with lots of green clovers (St. Patrick reportedly illustrated the doctrine of the Trinity with a three-leaf clover.), pots of gold and “little people” (leprechauns), and ale.

Here at Old Dominion, we’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with green (or orange), little people (who can dance better than some of the rest of us!), and (ginger) ale. And Dancing!

We hope you’ll join us on

March 17th

St. Mark’s Lutheran School Gym, 1821 N. 90th St
6:30pm beginner’s class
Dancing starts at 7pm and ends at 9:15pm
Drinks provided
Cost to attend is $3 for ages 14 and under, $5 for ages 15 and up, or $15 per family.

For a full schedule of our future dances for 2017, check out our future dance dates page.

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