Old Dominion Dance is hosting a caller’s workshop on October 14th, 2016.

Do you find yourself in one (or more) of these three categories?

A. Would really like to call, but doesn’t know how to start; it looks so hard.

B. Stalks the Old DD website and waits patiently for the dance card so that they can review it as soon as it’s posted, and therefore, basically has all the dances down better than the callers do.

C. Calling? pshaww, they could do that in their sleep; just please don’t ever ask them to get up on that blue piece of scaffold on wheels with a mic in their face.


Psst! Listen in close, kids, we’ve got a secret to share…

Calling is not that hard. I repeat, calling is not that hard! And we here at Old Dominion Dance would like to help give you a boost up onto the caller’s platform (metaphorically speaking), and help teach, train, and guide you in your new calling career (just don’t quit your day job).

So come join us this October 14th for a FREE caller’s workshop!

Prairie Lane Church, 3111 S 119th St, Omaha, NE 68144


Ages 15+

Please register below before Tuesday, October 11th. Email us at swing@dominiondance.com with any questions

We will walk through several dances, give demonstrations of the right and the wrong ways to call, share things that we wish we’d know from the beginning, and give you the opportunity to try your skill. This workshop will be taught by our favorite Jubilee, with additional help from our regular callers.

We’ll definitely have a blast, but we do ask that only those with a real desire to call attend. We want to make sure that we have time to teach effectively and thoroughly, so we ask that all in attendance be ready to listen, excited to learn, and patient with others who may need a little extra help.

Looking forward to meeting the next generation of callers on October 14th!

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