Here is the Dance Card for our Edwardian Ball on April 17th


  1. Jovial Beggars
  2. Ore Boggy to the tune of Halsway Manor(NEW)
  3. Tythe Pig
  4. Disbanded Officer to the tune of Kesh Jig(NEW)
  5. Draper’s Maggot(Waltz)
  6. Yellow Stockings

8pm Intermission

Recorded waltz and polka


  1. Liliburlero
  2. Newcastle Circle
  3. Ship’s Cook
  4. Duke of Kent’s Waltz
  5. Jefferson and Liberty

9pm Intermission

Recorded waltz and polka


  1. Physical Snob
  2. Collier’s Daughter(NEW)
  3. Bonny Cuckoo(Waltz)
  4. Gay Gordon


Star of the County Down(Waltz)

Nearer my God to Thee

9:30pm Finish


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