Registration for the 2014 Fezziwig Ball is open! This year’s FezzBall is on Friday, Dec. 19th. The cost to attend is $7 per person for registered guests, and $10 at the door for unregistered guests, with a $35 family limit, paid by cash or check at the door. The FezzBall is our most formal event, and a most enjoyable evening.


How to Register

When you go to the bottom of the FezzBall webpage, there will be a form asking for your last name, first name, email and phone. Simply enter that information and you will be a registered guest.

If you are coming as a family, you do not need to enter each of your family members separately. You may register as a group. For example:

  • Last name: Crachit
  • First name: Bob, family of 8
  • Email:

We really don’t need your phone number, so you don’t need to add that.

Go and register!

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