As you may know, OldDD has been searching for a new location after our original meeting place stopped all rentals in February. We’ve finally settled on St. Peter’s Gym off of 30th and Leavenworth in downtown Omaha.


I stopped by to see the gym before the Ball on Friday. I liked it because it’s not a full-sized gym, and I was really trying to avoid renting a full sized gym just because of the acoustics. It’s also old enough that it has a wood floor, which is rare and much prized among dancers. The gym also has a stage which will be nice for the callers. The rent is also a very gracious amount and the St. Peter’s staff have been very kind.


There should be adequate parking both in the courtyard and by the outer north side of the church. I would advise arriving early on June 22nd to explore the new facility.


I’ve been unable to find any better rent-able option for OldDD at present, so for the summer of 2012 at least we’ll be meeting at St. Peter’s gym. See you there!

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