The overall theme for the April 13th Costume Ball is the late Edwardian era. Intermission will be various waltzes and foxtrots(and maybe a few polkas) from the early 1910’s.


The reason for this era in particular is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic on April 15th, 1912. The sinking of this mammoth liner shook the world and left us a marked example of bravery and courage in those who remained behind.


Costumes should be modest and easy to dance in. Remember that we will be dancing in a barn and parking in a field, so consider the weather when dressing.


We do welcome costumes of any era as well as nice modern day dress. Dance are just so much more fun, somehow, when you’re dressed in historical clothing. And don’t give me gray hair by waiting until the last minute to register: If you know you’re coming to the Ball(which is just a month away!) in costume or out, register today!

3 thoughts on “April 13th: The Theme

  1. Not at all! Nice modern clothes are fine as well. I wouldn’t say it’s Tux fancy, though- it is a barn.

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