People ask why I name and theme the dances. The Luau Dance in May especially got a lot of comments! The short answer is, I’m in charge, and I like everything to be color coordinated and neatly labeled. The themes are really just for fun and don’t mean much unless it’s a Ball, and making up names(example: Junebug) is a bit more interesting than using the name of the month.

A few examples of annual themes we use: February is the Not a Sweetheart dance. April is the workshop; May the Luau dance. June obviously the Junebug dance. July’s Americana and December’s Fezziwig Ball are, being historically based, the most celebrated and specifically themed events. So I hope this clears up the question on why so many of the dances are named.

A note on the PHF Ball Registration: I hope to have it up and running correctly within the week! Sorry to all about the confusion.

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