Our first ECD workshop was a great success. We had the perfect class size of roughly thirty people in each session. Jennifer and I are so grateful to all those who pitched in to help by bringing food and cleaning up afterward. We had good attendance Saturday night with many people in elaborate costumes along with an accomplished band and lively music.

As I was falling into bed Friday night after our long drive home from the workshop, I read this fitting verse: “If I should say, “My foot has slipped,”
         Your lovingkindness, O LORD, will hold me up.”  (Psalm 94:18) Thankfully there wasn’t too much slipping going on over the weekend(though there was some, and many people ended up going barefoot for safety) and again, Jennifer and I are very thankful for those people God used to support us in this new endeavor.

Financially, the Workshop Registration fees ended up covering all the workshop related expenses, leaving the money taken in at the Costume Ball as profit to be used for sound equipment and music CDs.  It’s the most money we’ve ever brought in at a Ball, so we’re very pleased. Do be aware that as we grow and expand  we will be requesting higher donations at events with live music. Our dances are affordable, but not free.

OldDD was glad to advertise and be supported by Ft. Atkinson SHP, The Regency Society, CDSS and the Providential History Festival. In the future we may expand the idea of sponsorships of our events by local groups. We look forward to next year’s workshop and another year of dancing!

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