• Upon a Summer’s Day (Jennifer)

There’s a video of this dance on youtube. It’s a simple dance, cheerful, and appropriate for children.

  • Gathering Peascods (Emily)

This is the dance briefly shown on the 1997 version of “Persuasion”. I encourage you to watch it to get a sense of how this dance ought to be done. The distinctive part of this dance is where the men go forward to the middle and clap, and back, and women the same(It’s a circle dance).

  • Waves of Tory (Jennifer)

An old Irish dance and a favorite of our group. The over-and-under ending makes the timing complicated when using CDs and differences in height means we try to have two lines- tall people and short people(usually the children).

  • Dressed Ship (Emily)

Jennifer’s favorite dance(which is why I’m calling it): very pretty, simple, and slow.

  • -Intermission and Children’s Dance-
  • Well Done Jack (Jennifer)

One of the first dances we tried back in December.

  • Braes of Dornoch (Emily)

This is a dance I learned at last week’s calling conference in Iowa. It’s probably the most complicated dance we’ve ever done. Please, no young children for this one. There will be a demonstration during the instruction, so pay attention!

  • Ashford Anniversary (Jennifer)

A fairly new dance for us- a three couple mixer.

  • Gay Gordon -no caller.

An easy circle mixer and a good end to the evening. Pay attention to the instruction because we’re going to do this one without the calling! We will take final requests before this dance if there is extra time.

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