I have so many new dances to try out on the 25th I’m not sure which to focus on! Here’s one I just found:

Long line of gentlemen facing long line of ladies.

1. All take hands with neighbors in long lines, forward & back, twice.
2. All let go, face up the hall, follow each leader down the outside in single file(like in the Virginia Reel cast-off).
3. Meet your partners at the far end, and come up the middle as couples holding hands.
4. Couples peel off an go down the outside as couples, alternating: each couple going the opposite way to the couple in front of them.
5. At the bottom, meet another couple, and join up to come up the hall as Line of Four(Two Couples).
6. At the top, split the Line of Four, and cast down the nearest side, still as couples.
7. At the end, return into couple following couple coming up the hall, holding one hand.
8. In turn each new first Couple must turn to face away from the Band, joining hands, and go UNDER the arms of the Second Couple, OVER the Third Couple, and on like that till they run out of couples.
Then they turn around and start RESPONDING to the next couple coming down, and continue until they are back in their home/original place.

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